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Real Fruit, Real Orchard

Our Story 

Our story starts in 1920 when

C.E. Petch first planted

an orchard in Hemmingford. 

C.E. Petch carried out so many experiments

that the orchard became known

as the ‘Experimental Farm’. 

Throughout these numerous years,

diversity in our apples were always

a main feature on our orchard. 

The main varieties were:

Duchess, Dudley, Red St-Lawrence,

Wealthy, McIntosh and Fameuse.

Less important were Red Astrachan,

Melba, Hume, Scott Winter

and Tolman Sweet.

...There were also many varieties

that had no names and during

the war years, 1939-45,

when there was a shortage of fruit

and everything sold, the names applied to these unnamed varieties changed from year to year, depending on the names of the workers we had working for us.


Now, diversity is discouraged and

fewer varieties are demanded

by the chain stores.

Production process

**Our production process is inspired by a traditional method that makes for alcohol-free, artisan-quality juice. The result is a finely effervescent offering with a delicate flavour that is not overly sweet. For best results, we pick our fresh fruits from the tree when they are at their sweetest and press them immediately for optimal purity and balance *****

Step 1

The first step in this long process is first picking our

locally-grown apples from our orchard

in Hemmingford straight from the tree.

But only once they have reached their peak of ripeness.

At this moment, these apples are bursting

with juice which we will soon turn into apple juice. 

Step 2

We now bring our apples into our pressing room

on site in our orchard. From here we wash all of

the apples and freshly press them turning

the once apples now into 100% all natural juice. ​

***P.S. Our fresh-pressed juice contains apples. Period.

No additives and no added sugar.

A Micro Flash Pasteurizer employs the "

High Temperature Short Time" (HTST) principle

to prevent scorching or overheating of the fresh juice.  This results in the destruction of E. Coli and other

bacteria without changing appearance or taste. ******   

Step 2

This is where I'm made!

After carefully filtering the juice, we immediately

cool it down and add slight carbonation before bottling. Each bottle then undergoes a pasteurizing process

using the original method devised by Pasteur.

Thanks to this process, the juice retains its unique

and natural apple taste, requiring no chemical products, sulfites, preservatives or artificial colours.

It also preserves the luxurious colours and

tastes of the best apple in the world!

Our meticulous post-harvest methods

tap into nature’s perfection, so that you can enjoy

the very best of what Quebec’s most well-known

fruit has to offer ******REWORD 

OTHER THAN PRODUCING CANADIAN-FAMOUS APPLES, Petch Orchards has always committed to providing you with quality, homegrown, products. A simple idea of making pasteurized apple 

juice back in 1940 led to us perfecting the recipe of juice making and eventually producing sparkling apple juice. Every bottle of POMONA contains a rich layer of Canadian history and is cram packed with our juicy apples made right here in Quebec, Canada

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435 Route 202, Hemmingford, Qc  J0L 1H0  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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